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Connecting your utilities
MURS accredited specialists

Shannon Pipe Contractors can offer a simple solution to all your utility requirements. Accredited with GIRS, WIRS and NERS, we can be your solution to ensure your site is up and running efficiently without the stress of dealing multiple companies and reducing your lead time.

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We are fully GIRS accredited. We offer a seamless and efficient gas package. We provide options for main and service laying, alterations, steel installation and disconnections as well as smart (SMET2) meter installations. We deal directly with the Networks for approval all the way down to project design.


We are fully WIRS accredited. We offer a seamless and efficient package. Our works include new mains and services installation, existing services alterations, disconnections, and on-site pipework. We are also WIAPS & TAPS5 approved to sign off any water regulations required for your peace of mind.


We are fully NERS accredited. We will work with the developers and site to ensure the utilities can be installed with minimal disruption and works around your time frame.  We install LV & HV cable all the way to the meters or substation.